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“Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.”

Albert Camus


Requiem is a time-lapse piece shot over a period of twelve days. Comprising of over 5000 frames it documents the death of a flower.

Accompanying the motion piece is a series of photographs. In contrast to the narrative piece the photographs freeze and preserve these moments of beauty and decay.

This project features in the latest edition of the Pool Collective iPap App.






Surface Tension

Photography is often a literal transposition of reality, but it can also blur boundaries.

Surface Tension takes something we are intimately familiar with and makes us question what we are seeing.

Many thanks to Alexis, Cleo, Jeremy, JJ, Jonelle and Victoria.






This is a selection of work from the complete series, which is available on the latest edition of the Pool Collective iPad App.

The App showcases the latest personal work and projects from the artists of The Pool Collective. You can download it for free from iTunes now.

The Naked and the Nude » Danny Eastwood Photography - […] series is an extension of an earlier of body of work ‘Surface Tension‘. Playing with water, reflections and refraction I was again looking to blur the lines of […]

Burning Back


Australia has been shaped by fire, it is an intrinsic part of how the landscape has evolved. Fire was used by the Aboriginal people to control and modify the land for thousands of years prior to colonisation.

Colonisation dramatically altered this relationship with the land. European settlement bought an end to most traditional fire practices. Fire was seen as destructive and uncontrollable. Conversely though, without the traditional burns and the regular reduction of fuel, fire became exponentially more dangerous.

Between 2000 and 2010 Australia experienced particularly serious bushfires. This culminated, in February 2009, with the Black Saturday Fires in Victoria – these fires razed more than 2000 homes and left 173 people dead.

Climate change will also have an impact on bushfires. As weather events become more extreme, higher temperatures and the effects of drought will leave Australia more vulnerable to the conditions that precipitated the Black Saturday Fires.


This is a selection of work from the complete series which is available on the latest edition of the Pool Collective iPad App. You can download it for free from iTunes now.

I’m very grateful to the Rural Fire Service of NSW for making this project possible. The RFS is an extraordinary organisation that works hard to help safeguard people’s lives and property.

Crabbie’s – Say Goodbye to Cider

This project was a recent collaboration with Cam Blackley at Droga 5 for Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. It involved 4 cases of fruit, laser triggers, high speed flash packs, a large tent and a professional in charge of blowing things up.

Over three days of testing and shooting we took hundreds of frames, below are some of the more beautiful examples.

There were a few factors we needed to be able to control to achieve the effect we were after and then make the process repeatable.

First, was the size and speed of the projectile. By using compressed air we were able to change the gauge and shape of the projectile, as well as the amount of force it created. This made the difference between too little destruction and too much – a fine balance. By using compressed air, instead of firearms, our pyrotechnics expert also pointed out we were far less likely to kill anyone in the process of the shoot.

Second, was the timing of the image. We used a laser trigger across the muzzle of the gun to sync the flash with the projectile, the laser enabled us to adjust the delay of the flash by increments of 10,000ths of a second. This meant the difference between complete disintegration, and just capturing the entry explosion.

The fruit itself was another variable – you can’t compare apples and pears. They explode quite differently.

We then shot the ginger under the same lighting conditions, and just because we could, we tried blowing that up too.

The elements were then selected and lovingly put together by Jamie Philips at Toby & Pete.

The finished ads also appear in Vol. 4, 2013 Lürzer’s Archive.

As night falls

This is a selection from a new series which has just been published on the latest edition of the Pool Collective iPad App.

These photographs were taken over a number of visits to the Belanglo State Forest, the scene of the now infamous Backpacker Murders.

In the light of day it is almost possible to forget the history of this place. It feels ordinary, quiet – even beautiful in places.

This is a place is tainted by history though. Thoughts of what happened here are never far away. It is this history of the place that has drawn me here. The idea of a place so maligned in the public consciousness. How does the reality compare to the perception?

As night falls, the forest closes in, the senses strain and reality begins to feel remote.

Many thanks to Dave Brogan, for accompanying me on these trips, and Heidi Romano, for her fantastic design and typography.

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