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Crabbie’s – Say Goodbye to Cider

This project was a recent collaboration with Cam Blackley at Droga 5 for Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. It involved 4 cases of fruit, laser triggers, high speed flash packs, a large tent and a professional in charge of blowing things up.

Over three days of testing and shooting we took hundreds of frames, below are some of the more beautiful examples.

There were a few factors we needed to be able to control to achieve the effect we were after and then make the process repeatable.

First, was the size and speed of the projectile. By using compressed air we were able to change the gauge and shape of the projectile, as well as the amount of force it created. This made the difference between too little destruction and too much – a fine balance. By using compressed air, instead of firearms, our pyrotechnics expert also pointed out we were far less likely to kill anyone in the process of the shoot.

Second, was the timing of the image. We used a laser trigger across the muzzle of the gun to sync the flash with the projectile, the laser enabled us to adjust the delay of the flash by increments of 10,000ths of a second. This meant the difference between complete disintegration, and just capturing the entry explosion.

The fruit itself was another variable – you can’t compare apples and pears. They explode quite differently.

We then shot the ginger under the same lighting conditions, and just because we could, we tried blowing that up too.

The elements were then selected and lovingly put together by Jamie Philips at Toby & Pete.

The finished ads also appear in Vol. 4, 2013 Lürzer’s Archive.

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